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A home that smells the scent of oaken barrels,
coming up from the cellars and extending endlessly over green hills,
where the flavor is one of passion for a profession, not one of labor but of life.
Welcome to Agricola Cottini

Our heart is here, in the Classic Valpolicella area, along with our roots and our future.
Here we grow, harvest and bottle as we did once, because the story of each of our wines always comes to a happy ending on your dining table.
Every bottle contains a careful and rigorous selection of grape bunches, selected by us one by one and left to dry in the gentle breeze of our countryside, on traditional bamboo racks.

The result is a genuine, true and authentic wine. Quality in a bottle.
Quality in a bottle.
Come and visit us in a place where time has come to a stop, leaving room for patience and perseverance, two essential elements for the success of our wines along with the quality of our grapes.
Four brothers, winemakers since forever, following in the footsteps of our father Sergio who will meet you at our entryway with a glass of our best wine.

Tradition, care, an eye on tomorrow.
We are Agricola Cottini and welcome you into our home.